Horse therapy for autism
Equine Assisted Natural Healing
Improves relationships, symptoms of PTSD, Youth at risk in recovery, Reconnecting with one's self, Terminal illness wellbeing.
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EANH's method is primarily a non-riding therapy and focuses on cognitive and speech improvement for children on the spectrum.

EANH evolved from the recognition that horses have many more millions of years of evolutionary growth than human beings and their extraordinary survival senses are beyond our comprehension. However, therapeutically, the horses have acquired the sensory and instinctive ability to reach 'inside' with an understanding of inner emotions and energies to bring cohesion, uniformity and balance.

The horse therapy for children on the spectrum does not ever involve force or bring distress or stress in any part of the therapy.

Equine assisted therapy (EANH) has been around for nearly three decades and began as the only horse therapy that recognized the healing that horses bring in Canada.

Since then, many others have joined the movement because of the positive, consistent and effective healing qualities that horses naturally possess.

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Horse Therapy

Improves family, relationships and one's self. Other effective applications of EANH horse therapy include symptom of PTSD, youth at risk in recovery, reconnecting with one's self and feeling a renewed sense of wellbeing from those with a terminal illness.


Read about EANH and why horse therapy that does not involve horseback riding is gaining a worldwide following.

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A collection of videos from across the Americas showing the advancements and effectiveness of horse therapy in treating ASD and other neurobehavioral conditions.

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